• Glas članova Jevrejske opštine Beograd

Together we are stronger!

The damage that was done to us by the recalled president Danilo Medić and his comrades is immeasurable, and only God knows how long will it take us to repair the damage that he has caused us! He destroyed everything he touched. However, despite his arrogance, gluttony, intolerance, corruption and megalomania, he has indirectly done something good that we must acknowledge.

It is said that in every evil there is something good, and in every good there is something evil. And this is exactly the story about that.

With his evil deeds, he reminded us of the importance of the Community, and how we are stronger when we are together!

On this video you can see members of Jewish communities, not only from Belgrade, but also from Subotica, Novi Sad and Pancevo. Together we have gathered at Ada in the restaurant 'Oasis' in a great number. There we had a inter-municipal meeting where we were we were hanging out, laughing and enjoying the music.

In a crisis, we have learned how our community is important for all of us and how much we are willing to fight for it with all our power.

We have a strong message from the heart of all of us, from most of members of the Jewish community:

Medic, it is about time time that you leave us alone, we don't want to look at you anymore! Don't you see how happy we are without you? Just go your way, you have done more than enough harm.