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The rule of law on its way to Europe

The original article was written in Serbian newspaper 'Danas' by Goran Babić. You can read the original article HERE.

Letter to Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić regarding the elections in the Jewish Community in Belgrade

Honorable President of the Government of the Republic of Serbia,

I am sorry that I am forced by necessity to send you this letter. I have long believed that this will not happen, and I delayed sending, but the circumstances are sometimes stronger than our will.

Note that in this matter (from my side) there is absolutely no financial motives. I am sending this letter as an ordinary member of the Jewish Community in Belgrade (JCB). I became a member of the JCB as a descendant of my ancestors, my grandparents, my mother's parents that were killed in the Holocaust in 1941/1942. in Belgrade. So much for my biography.

The letter has only two topics. The first is very simple and concerns the essence of democracy. If, in fact, on the legitimate and free elections in Serbia, Serbian Progressive Party won the majority of votes (and on that basis was given the mandate to form a Government), how is it possible that an identical rule doesn't apply in case of Jewish Community in Belgrade? Your Minister of Justice, who hasn’t registered Aleksandar Jinker for months (whom we democratically elected on March the 3rd 2019 for our president), by doing nothing does not violate just the oath that she made before the deputies of the National Assembly, but also the law that she should first be obliged to respect and defend, instead of ruining it as well as the essential part of democracy.

The Minister of Justice does not respect the majority, even though she was chosen by the majority! As you can see, we're not talking about the quarrel among the Jews, but about democracy, so we suggest you go ahead and replace this minister and find someone else that will respect the basic principles of modern civilization.

The second topic arises from the statement from the recalled administration of JCB from 14th of June 2019. In one statement ‘gentlemen’ declare (I quote): ‘...The Ministry of Justice did not and will not register such selected ‘officials’ as our legal representatives. The process by which the putschists require registration of A. Jinker as President of the JCB was stopped by our legal team, and this registration will not happen.’

As those who have the catastrophically lost secret democratic elections, gaining only 5 out of 345 votes, those gentlemen have the right to be angry, as it can be seen from the quote. However, how and why Mr. losers, besides from Minister of Justice, knew that our legally elected president (all evidence is there, and I have voted in favor) will not be registered? Who decides on registration, Ministry of Justice and the Government that you lead, or Mr. losers? How can 5 percent of them even know what you will or will not do?

In Your very presence, instead of being ashamed for their loss on elections, they claim that ‘this registration will not happen!’ Where did they get such (illegal) knowledge? Did they gain it from the Ministry itself? Or do they maybe have more powerful protectors?

Dear Prime Minister, I am addressing You because the Minister of Justice has lost all credibility in my eyes, so in the meantime, only resignation can be expected from her, since she respects neither the Constitution nor the Government where she is the member. I fear, however, that such avoidance of recognizing the lost elections in the Jewish community in Belgrade is only a preparation for identical refusal of defeat in some future, maybe more important elections.