• Glas članova Jevrejske opštine Beograd

Press release




On October 16 th , this year, the deposed leadership of the Jewish Community Belgrade, headed

by the former president Danilo Medic, proclaimed the decision by which they ban Rabbi Isak

Asiel on “all activities in the Jewish Community, including administering the religious service

in Belgrade synagogue “Sukat Shalom”. In spite of that injunction, an immense number of

Belgrade Jews attended on 25 th October, 2019, the service led by rabbi Isak Asiel. The

deposed leadership of the JC Belgrade, being aware that they lost all credibility among

members of the Jewish Community in Serbia a long time ago, went a step further in their

intention to disable Jews in affirming their faith and - replaced locks on all Synagogue

entrance doors. After the end of the service, religious members in the synagogue closed ranks

around their rabbi and took over the Synagogue, demonstrating once again their decisive and

unified position that the deposed leadership of the Jewish Community Belgrade and former

president Danilo Medic are not viewed as legitimate.

Robert Sabados

President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia