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Isaac Asiel: Money from the budget was misused

This is the translation of the article that was originally published in the newspaper ''Vecernje novosti''. You can read the original news on this link: http://www.novosti.rs/vesti/naslovna/drustvo/aktuelno.290.html:825597-Isak-Asiel-Novac-iz-budzeta-je-zloupotrebljen

The response from the Rabbi of the Jewish community in Serbia regarding the text "War in the Jewish Community: Mad at Serbia, but Serbia returned 65 Million".

Isak Asiel, foto Z.Jovanović

In the article " War in the Jewish Community: Mad at Serbia, but Serbia returned 65 Million", published in "Vecernje Novosti" on October 19th, Strahinja Sekulic, director of the Agency for Restitution, says: "We cannot have someone's private, lucrative and corrupt interests to subjugate the State and lower the standards that Serbia has."

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia (FJCS) has long been pointing to misuse of funds paid by the State, as reported by the Government's Supervisory Board, which names recalled president Danilo Medić for misuse of legal authority. Mr Sekulic also points to the violation of the Law by Mr Medić in a letter to the Mayor of Belgrade Zoran Radojičić, in which he informs him of irregularities related to the Public Invitation and the Call for Proposals announced by Jewish Community in Belgrade (JCB) for joint construction of a residential-business building at 180 Južni bulevar st. and Studentski trg no. 11. Mr. Sekulic concludes: "We consider that by JCB’s actions, it violates not only the Law on Elimination of Consequences of Dispossession of Holocaust Victims Who Have No Living Legal Successors, but also unlawfully tries to dispose of the City of Belgrade's public property, creating a state of legal uncertainty as to eventual heirs of the subject property as well as potential investors."

The law on churches and religious communities is clear. The autonomous right of churches and religious communities is to decide who will be their leader, ie. the president, and the State just registers. By not registering new President Alexander Jinker, the State has interfered, unfortunately.

The Jewish community expects the registration of Mr. Aleksandar Jinker.