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Fake Diploma! What Else is New?

Regretfully, not even today do we bring to you spectacular news, instead, we are revealing to you yet another case of fake degrees. In our society, the phenomenon of fake degrees has become a sad reality that we hear about every day. From the lowest social positions way up to the very top of the society, false degrees are valued more than the real ones, which gives a chance only to the wrong people to advance within the system, degrading at the same time intellectuals, professors, scientists, doctors who do not get a chance, but only humiliation and frustration. They can only silently watch as the system they live in unavoidably rolls towards the dead end not so far away. Unfortunately, the “good ole days”, are gone and nowadays, no one appreciates who the person really is, where and what he studied, what he achieved through his own efforts, hard work and knowledge, but only how well-connected he is, what group he belongs to or how much he paid for his diploma.

These days, in the Jewish Community, it was our turn to experience such a shame, that is, to discover the case of a fake degree in our ranks.

You can see in the attachment the anonymous information we received, that Mr. Medić represents himself falsely when it comes his academic achievements and the title he allegedly received. Based on the information we obtained, Medić never graduated, more precisely he did not even study economy as he claimed but veterinary medicine. From the attachments you can see that Medić in his CV states that he is the master of economics, which is obviously far from the truth.

Should we explain any further why the entire Jewish community renounces such a man?

Do you think there is anyone else who expects or hopes for something good from a man who likes to brag about his strong ties and who impersonates his professional background and title?

Us Jews have a tendency to believe in miracles, and this time, we are naively hoping that this is an isolated case, and not the systematic treatment on Jewish community.

PS: In order to enable us to verify the authenticity of this evidence ourselves, the anonymous sender did not hide the names and e-mail addresses; we did this to protect the identities of the persons who were in correspondence with Medić.

Please find enclosed a copy of the correspondence/screenshots so that you can assess the case of Medić's diploma i.e. his academic achievements:

In addition to the lies and misrepresentations regarding his religious affiliation, Mr. Medić has misled the Water Polo Federation of Serbia, fraudulently representing himself as a master of economics (https://www.waterpoloserbia.org/index.php?id=269). To the best of my knowledge, the person in question is the faculty of veterinary medicine dropout, and is probably still an active student of a fake, correspondent MBA school.

The online school is registered in the Netherlands and you can find more about how serious the school’s program is on the Internet.

Please, take time to inspect the images (screenshots of emails related to this person’s higher education):

Viktor Jeremić President of the Management Board of the Water Polo Federation of Serbia

Members of the Management Board:


Danilo Medić, MBA in Economics. President of Belgrade Jewish Community