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Faith in the Service of Personal Interests

Although for some it may seem unbelievable that a man who claims to be a Jew, or who at least declares himself to be one (according to Jewish law, "Halakha" he cannot actually be a Jew, regardless of his origin or how he wants to represente himself), was baptized, married and divorced in the Orthodox Church, this came as no surprise to us. Therefore, we were not completely caught of guard by an anonymous email received by the Voice of Reason Editorial from a person who identified himself as "Sincere Buddhist".

With this clear and friendly gesture, Sincere Buddhist showed solidarity with our community in the fight against Danilo Medić and his network, which had tried to dismantle our community but pitifully failed. Even though they have been dismissed from office twice, the Ministry of Justice still refuses to register in the register of religious communities the newly, legally elected President Aleksandar Saša Jinker, which only shows that Madam Minister, Nela Kuborović is an integral part of this unacceptable attack on our religious community and the Jewish national minority in general.

Sincere Buddhists has sent us evidence in the form of correspondence and photographs that confirm that Mr. Medić had not just declared himself as a Buddhist, but was truly devoted to that religion and its "teaching".

This move clearly tells us that the Buddhist community denounced Medić, the same way our community has been denouncing him every day for the past year and a half, and we are sure that our fellow citizens from the Serbian Orthodox Church would also not be happy to have such a man in their ranks constantly changing faith, obviously not looking for God or spirituality, but for personal and private interest.

(PS: In order to make it possible for us to verify the authenticity of this evidence ourselves, Sincere Buddhist did not hide names and e-mail addresses; we did this to protect the identity of persons who were in correspondence with Medić).

Please find attached the following correspondence and photos so that you can see for yourself what kind of person he is.

Esteemed members of JCB (Voice of Reason),
My attention was drawn to your text on the topic of religious affiliation of one Mr. Danilo Medić. I continued to read further, fully unaware of what I was going to learn.
I was genuinely shocked when I realized that it was a person I had met more than 10 years before, who at the time represented himself as a member of the Buddhist religious community!
Now that all the pieces have fallen into place, I understand that "mister" Medić, in the same period, declared himself as a Christian, as a Buddhist and as a Jew, and all for the purpose of gaining personal benefits!
Please take a look at the photos (screenshoots of the emails on the topic of his religious affiliation):


Emails (underlined)

October 11, 2009 at 15:07

I talked today with one of the highest ranking lamas from Tibet and I asked him for advice in connection with you. Well, the best course of action would be for you to go with dino to Split and meet their master, they are gelugpa – yellow hats, and they are not a solution for some higher level but for you at this stage they are, because you read with difficulty, slowly and it is better to do it live with someone who can get you started…. see how I still think about you.

January 8 2010 t 13.22

A small addition. Tibetan book of the dead was written by Padmasambhava, and it can only be comprehended when read while receiving verbal transmission from the master – lama who has a direct connection with Padmasambhava – a part of it is also Guru Yoga that I mentioned to you. Thus even if you read it this wouldn’t be sufficient… secondly, before you read it, you have to master the basic terms and the best way to do it is Tibetan book of the live and the dead , Sogyal Rimpoche.. so you should buy that book and put it on your shelf because you will use it later. ….One more thing , I don’t know who translated it and when I come I’ll look into it because it may so happen that the translation is not good

But you should buy it anyway.

September 7, 2011 at 08:42

I read it and if all this is true then he is Vajra Holder and you should absolutely go – I am also going. For instance, his teacher Dudjom Rimpoche is a reincarnation of Padmasambhava. As regards Guru Yoga it is absolutely necessary for you if you want to do anything at all and you can use her in all phases of your road to Ngondro (preliminary phase) and later in generation phase, perfection phase and great perfection phase (Dzogchen). Bringing minds of the teacher and his disciple into unison is the path to enlightening since it practically erases reality (subject-object) and turns you into one.

Don’t worry we’ll go together and I’ll check in the meantime if the teacher is authentic.

2011/9/6 Danilo Medic dahliahomegallery@gmail.com

Guru Yoga is the method you practice based on your teacher’s instructions and the result should be the unison of the teacher’s and the disciple’s mind to form a single one.

There is visualization, etc. Tibetan book of the dead cannot be comprehended without teacher’s verbal instructions and Guru Yoga practice to that end.

What motivated me to contact you was my sincere disgust with Mr. Medić’s actions that tarnish the reputation of JOB.
I would like you to rid yourselves of this poor excuse for a human being as soon as possible, before he causes even more damage to JCB, and the wider community.
Please blur all the names and email addresses in the correspondence before publishing.
The names and e-mail addresses have been left in the original form because I wanted to give you an opportunity to check the authenticity and contact the mentioned persons directly. Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
Good Samaritan - a Sincere Buddhist, a friend of honest people.