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Attention, Attention! A Bully Ante Portas!

A bully is a person who acts violently towards his surroundings, who considers violent behavior of both psychological and physical nature to be normal, and it is the only behavioral model he always resorts to. Numerous are the reasons that can cause a person to grow up as a bully. The underlying reason could be found in an array of dysfunctions from unhappy childhood to much more complex pathological conditions, insecurity, despair, and many more.

We all saw with our own eyes from the footage recorded by security cameras Mr. Medić and his right-hand man, Avram Israel, attacking an innocent man at the entrance to the Jewish Community of Belgrade. According to the latest information we received (again from an anonymous sender), this is but one more in a long line of examples of Medić’s ill-tempered behavior, demonstrating that he a man who is arrogant, violent and unscrupulous by nature.

Family violence is a very sad phenomenon that is, unfortunately, very present in our society. The abuser not only endangers the victim but the entire family that becomes his hostage. It is the weakest who are exposed to the greatest risk; children often witness horrific scenes that leave deep traumas and scars for life. Violence is usually not contained within the boundaries of a family; instead, it spreads to all aspects of the perpetrator’s social and business life. What is to be expected from a man who endangers weaker than himself; from a bully who, when he smells the taste of fear gets even more incited to continue with his rough play because it is the only model of conduct he actually understands.

Thus, Medić transferred the model of hostage situations and harassment he used to expose his family to, to our second home, to our Community and, indeed, to our entire Jewish family. As you can see from the information we received, provided herein below, we have learnt that Medić physically abused his ex-wife and that he even avoided paying child support to his own child, so why should we be surprised that he stopped paying children allowances for the children of our communities. Mobbing against employees, abusing Holocaust survivors in various ways (threatening disobedient, distributing food to people at risk selectively, disrespecting contract for lifelong support to survivors), associating with thugs similar to him, such as Abraham Israel are obviously but a small part of actions that fall within a wide range of Medić’s violent behavior.

Should we keep trying to answer the question of why the entire Jewish community rejects this man?

Do you think there is anyone left who expects or hopes for something good to come out of such a bully?

(PS: In order to enable us to verify the authenticity of this evidence ourselves, the anonymous sender did not hide the names and e-mail addresses - we did this to protect the identity of the persons who were in correspondence with Medić). Please, find enclosed the correspondence and screenshots so that you can yourself assess the case of Medić's violent behavior.

Republic of Serbia

The Third Basic Court in Belgrade

Case no. 1. I. 39693/2013

Date: 12 February 2015

Novi Beograd

Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 16


The Third Basic Court in Belgrade, judge Violeta Ignjatović, acting as a single judge in the enforcement case of the enforcement creditor Medić Zora from Belgrade whose legal representative is Nina Medić from Belgrade, represented by Obrad Popovac, a lawyer from Belgrade, Pariske Komune No 7/45 carried out for the purpose of enforced collection, on this day of 12 February 2015, renders the following


Ordered is the employer of the enforcement debtor – “SRV Logistika” Zemun, Kej osolobođenja No. 1-a to act in compliance with the court conclusion I No. 39693/2013 dated 12 June 2014 regarding the garnishment of all wages payable to your employee, in this procedure enforcement debtor, Medić Danilo.

You are specifically ordered to act in compliance with the above conclusion by garnishing enforcement debtor’s monthly earnings, in accordance with the enforcement decision, starting as of the date of employment of the enforcement debtor – 13 May 2013 since the court thus far had no data on enforcement debtor’s employment.

We advise you that the employer is obliged to abide by the court decisions and findings within the meaning of art. 180 of the Law on Enforcement and Security and to notify the court accordingly without delay.


Violeta Ignjatović in person

In addition to the above, Mr. Medić is also prone to violence against women (correspondence with his ex-wife, her brother and her friends below):


It is obvious that you and Nina are behaving fraudulently all the time, where have you been until now? Now you want to drag other people into this only because of the mass you yourselves have created. Since you don’t want to see me face to face I will certainly press criminal charges against you and Nina for these threats. It will be valid even without your address since you refuse to give it to me. And stop writing to me because I will no longer reply to your messages.

Danilo Medić


See…you can’t get away from this claiming insanity …. I don’t know why you keep mentioning ::::::::::, I made business deals with you… I am not interested in your problems… just my debt… and those criminal charges are very serious accusations… be careful what you’re doing! And, yes, Miša is coming as a witness and not as someone who would threaten you… although now when I think about that… you so big and strong… who beats women… I am going to think about it… So, let’s not waste any more time... prepare either money or a complaint… and we shall see…

Sent: Thu, May 30, 2013 2:00:24PM

Why wait until the hearing when we can do it before it? You wasted a lot of time. You’d better see with Nina about the money she stole and you supported her; when are you going to return it and the child as well


Oh, you are so brave for someone who is only 1.70m… this feeling must have stayed with you from the time when you beat your ex-wife … but just you wait… as the saying goes… you reap what you sow.

But let me get back to the point… If my memory serves me well, in 2006 I bought some chairs from you and so did Gaja… when we fell behind with payment you called me at least ten times and I paid them all in full. Since the chairs were not of the quality we agreed upon you promised to supply new ones… first you repeatedly promised and then you transferred it all to Nina so that eventually I got into a fight with her because of you, which I regret to this day…as regards the note from my ex-wife I don’t know what it has to do with your debt, she wrote a letter based on what she knew at the time. Regretfully I didn’t have accurate information for a long time so I could not react the way I should have. I see you are threatening with criminal charges… great… let me remind you that people in power have changed and that you should be prepared to take responsibility for your frauds… Don’t you worry, everybody will learn who you really are.. your wife, your father-in-law, friends…One more thing… Nina is in Singapore and I am in Belgrade, I was there for her as a friend and I didn’t communicate with her because of you… but now, I can hardly wait to appear at the next court hearing.

But don’t you try to run away when you see me.. you are not that fast ..and yes, regarding assistance, you’d better find some as soon as possible.. you’ll need it…and in the end, you should better handle your debt in a right way.. like a man and not like a…